...of the satya-jyoti shop
if you buy our products from the shop, then it is important that you know who we are and what we do.
We cannot stock many sizes of clothing as our production base is very small and we do not have the financial means to accumulate dead
stock. Hence we are happy to alter existing pieces to your size. However, we constantly work on new designs hence you can always find
something new. Also, because many of our fabrics are vegetable dyed, often cannot guarantee colour fastness. There is not much we can
do if the garment  fades over time but if the colour runs a lot and spoils the garment, we are happy to replace.
Our garments are not inexpensive not only because of the fabric and design elements, but because each piece is hand-crafted and takes
much longer to make.
Our organic food is also cleaned and processed manually, and we may not have available stock at the shop. However, we do take small
orders on request.
...of the satya-jyoti resources at the farm
the farm is an ideal place for conducting workshops and training as it is only an
hour and a half away from Gurgaon by road. So far we have hosted
-a teachers training workshop conducted by the Heritage School.
-a spiritual healing workshop by Rohini for the residents,
-a leadership training workshop for coporates/students,
-a children's nature orientation workshop.
One of our special workshops is called 'Natural Advantage' for young Managers and
relates to organic farming.
We also conduct design and recycling and workshops.
We can host groups of upto 15 participants. The costs depend upon the inputs and
resources required.
Contact us for more information.
...of our products
we often receive queries for supplying large quantities of
food products. Unfortunately, we do not produce enough
to accept such requests.
For those who wish to keep our clothes at their shop, we
ask them to come and visit us at satya-jyoti before we can
make a commitment because it is not just about selling
our clothes but understanding the ethos behind our
A 10 day workshop
at the Satya-jyoti
farm on
was held from 24th
to 31st January 2009