Staying at Satya Jyoti Farm

We believe that if you really want to be a part of the change, then you should come and experience life on the farm in all its aspects.
You may not want to be part of an organised workshop but if you want to take some time out of your city schedule to just breathe unpolluted air, eat pesticide free food and smell the grass and climb trees, discover the simple joys of being on a farm, share our space and exchange ideas, then we will be very happy to share this place with you.
There is plenty to do at the farm if you want to contribute and learn but if not, then that is fine as well. Everyone needs an opportunuty and exposure in order to find their give it a try.
However, we must insist that this place is NOT a suburban farmhouse or a RESORT of any sort. It is a real, working farm in a rural area, around 70km from Gurgaon. So if you are looking for a luxury getaway, then this is not your place. 

Visitor's and guests at the farm are encouraged to participate in our routine farming activities.

However, if you wish to learn about our Biodynamic Composting or Vermicomposting, we can plan it specially for you. 


Things to do at the farm

You can participate in any current activity at the time of your visit, harvesting, planting, weeding, pruning, pickling, composting, constructing.
Bird watching, photography, cooking, 
or simply reading, taking long walks through the crops, swimming in the bio pool, enjoying a tractor ride...are some of the other things to indulge in.
There is no TV and no internet at the farm. In case you need to have internet, bring along a Jio works well.

If you have a car of your own, you can drive down to the old abandoned Fort on the hill, 2 km from the Farm.

Food at the Farm

 Winter is a time for an abundance and variety of vegetables, grains and legumes.
 The variety adds to the organic food available at the farm, bringing more local recipes in months ahead.

We invite you to share with us meals like Bajra/wheat Puri with Channa, Makki ki roti and sarson ka saag, daal bati.
Tell us about traditional foods you grew up with , share the recipes and we will try to bring a little pleasant nostalgia to your meals.
Our whole lentils are split on the farm on a slow manual process, leaving a fair degree of skin and therefore all the nutrition, cooked on a slow fire, it is a speciality . Enjoy it with tandoori roti or rice.
Savour the aroma of wood fire slow cooking as you soak in the sun . Most of all the SLOW movement is also about enjoying and savouring a meal with family and friends, with no rush to go anywhere.

The rooms are rustic and clean, with attached bathrooms. Electric supply is erratic but all the cottages have battery back ups which provide light and fans.
Send us your details through the contact form below and we will respond asap.
We welcome anyone interested in organic farming and volunteers as well.


If you are at the farm at the same time as Jyoti (She visits nearly every weekend), then you can hear about her and the farm's journey, exchange notes on what has worked and what has not, have all your questions answered by the person who is the force behind this transformation.

If you are visiting the farm, you can buy some of our produce directly from us. We do not sell from any retail outlet.

Contact  Form for Farm stays

If you wish to come and stay at the farm, please send us your details along with the following information.

-What is your profession?
-Where will you be coming from?
-What dates would you like to visit?
-Number of Adults/Children in your group.
-Have you ever stayed at a farm before?
-What would you like to do while at the farm?

Our Contact No. is available on Google but please note we DO NOT REPLY TO FARMSTAY REQUESTS ON PHONE and most of the time our phone will not get answered as we do not carry it around. Best way to reach us is to fill this form or email us at

Book now...

please note that all donations and payments received for farmstays are utilised either for Trust activities (supporting education for girls) or for supporting farming activities,



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