The workshop was held from the 24th to 31st January 2009 at Satya-
jyoti Trust, community farm and village in Alwar dist, Rajasthan.
(65km from Gurgaon)

The Objectives were:
•        To develop a model for sustainable living.
This assumes a personal vision of sustainability. Looking at renewal of
energy within, as an individual and then developing synergy with a
community, energizing it to achieve a dynamic model of sustainable
The theme will be approached from the widest possible perspective, the
individual, a collective or community of like minded people, the larger
collective of surrounding communities, rural/urban development issues; of
living consciously, mindful of our relationship with the earth, nature and
looking at the costs of progress that ignore larger issues of energy
depletion, wasteful consumption and effects on the environment.
The approach is always personal, starting with what we can each one do,
building a model for one’s own life that will influence others and create
ripples, affecting the communities we live in.   

•        To share principles of permaculture, bio- dynamics and other
organic farming methods.

•        To share and develop ideas around organizational issues and also
address issues related to the economy of such a model.

Workshop components were:
•        Self reflection: Why am I interested in sustainable development?  Do
I find myself at a cross roads, wanting to change, recognizing that I am in
transition ?
•        Build a model for yourself. Review your relationship to the
environment you live in, what depletes your energy and sense of well
being, what enhances these?
•        Participate in work on the farm, learning that soil is a living thing,
how do we encourage biological activity, how does permaculture,
Biodynamics and elements of Ayurveda help create a living, healthy bio
region. Learn methods of composting, dealing with waste, challenges we
face with pest management etc.
•         Guest faculty shared their knowledge of permaculture and bio
dynamics. Small projects on these principles were part of the practical
work done during the workshop.
•        Learn from experiences others have had, which  included films from
other communities, sharing with the Satya Jyoti team, challenges we have
•        Activities included: cooking with the community, healthy eating,
working with group from the village, story telling and understanding how
stories and imagination have the power to help us in giving physical shape
and reality to dreams we have.
A 10 day workshop at the Satya-jyoti farm on