Important Information:

Room: We have two cottages, one with 4 beds and the other with 3 beds. These cottages have en suite toilets. The mud hut has two beds and the shared toilet is not
attached. The rooms are provided with clean bedding.

Food: We serve what we grow at the community kitchen. Outsiders are encouraged to participate in the cooking process and teach the residents some of their own

We get only a few hours of electricity each day and have to learn to live with solar/battery operated lights. Interns are advised to bring their own flashlights.
water: the underground water is safe to drink  as we double filter it before drinking. However, if you are unsure, then you can buy cartons of bottled mineral water at the
nearest town.
telephone: We do not have a telephone connection on the farm. Some mobile networks do work. You may need to buy a local sim card so it may be a good idea to
bring an instrument in which you can insert a sim card. However, your international mobile connections may also work.

Language: The local spoken language is Hindi although the residents on the farm can understand and speak basic English. It is a good idea to bring a Hindi
dictionary to help you communicate.

Mosquitoes: During certain seasons, we do get a lot of mosquitoes. Do take your preventive malaria doses  before coming. We also suggest you bring a mosquito net
and insect repellents although we do stock some.

Heat: The months of May-June-July are very hot and the temperature can go up to 45 degrees. We normally take a four hour break at mid-day. The best way to stay cool
is to keep a wet towel handy.

Socio-cultural issues: Women are expected to dress reasonably conservatively (no shorts/ revealing clothes) other than in your own rooms. Other than that, it is ok
to be who you are. You may also discover a new person within you.

Nearest town: Basic supplies are available at the nearest town which is 17km away. There is no public transport but we do have a motorcycle and a tractor on the
farm so you can ask someone to give you a ride.

Medical help: As of now, we have a basic first aid kit on the farm. You are advised to bring your own specific medicines if you think you may need them.

We do not have TV on the farm. However, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor games available. The residents enjoy singing and dancing
together. We do have books to read but volunteers may bring their own depending on their taste.
How to get there:
There are no public
transports which go up
to the farm. The best
way is to travel with us
from Gurgaon, which
is a suburb of New
Delhi. Our SUV goes to
the farm (which is
70km away) from the
city every Monday and
The only other
alternative is to hire a
taxi from Gurgaon .

Write to us to organise
the journey to the farm.
We welcome volunteers who wish to experience life on the farm and participate in our activities. However, we would like to caution those
who wish to come on the basis of a romantic perception of rural India.  Satya-jyoti is in a rugged, isolated valley...which can either be
beautiful or harsh. It depends on your own state of mind.
There is much to do here, some of which are listed below.
We suggest you go through the list and if interested, please fill up the form below and send it to us.

Minimum period:
A volunteer should stay for a minimum period of one week. However, sometimes it takes a week just to settle in so maybe a
period of two weeks is the best.

Cost:  We make just enough money to run the project and therefore are unable to pay a stipend. We also cannot offer room and board free of
charge. Boarding & lodging charges depend upon the duration of your stay. Please contact us for more details.

How to apply: Please fill up the form and submit. However, if you do not hear from us within a week, please write to us at                                                              .
Do remember that we have limited living quarters and will not be able to accept more than 4 interns/volunteers at a time, so the sooner you
apply, the better.

For interns/volunteers from Europe/France: Our partners at AKASH NEEM in Paris, have offered to be the mentors for student interns and
volunteers who wish to come to us for internship. You can meet Virginia in person and discuss with her. She can be contacted at:
Volunteer  Form
Your name:
Your country:
What do you do?
Is this  your first visit to India?
What are the dates of your proposed stay?
Your areas of interest. Any questions...
List of Activities:

You can get actively involved in any current project, some of
which are:
-planning and implementation of installing solar panels
-making a bio-pool
-restoring the Green house

General areas of work for volunteers
•  pruning trees, raking leaves, planting, weeding, mulching.
•  creation and maintenance of vegetable gardens.
•  compost making.
•  planting, harvesting crops.
•  teaching English, Art, Songs, our informal  
education school or the older girls
• designing & making garments
• using recycled material to make new products
• vegetable dying
• making jams and pickles
• cleaning, organising,stock taking in the store.
• looking after the cattle
• making furniture with our own wood
There are many more things to depends upon your
aptitude, ability to communicate and willingness to participate.