We have a small free of charge training centre for  younger girls
and untrained women from the village. They are taught to use a
sewing machine and basic pattern making, cutting and embroidery.

Once they have learnt, they have the option to join the satya-jyoti
studio or to use it as a source of their own income.

There are no formal classes or schedule as the girls often have to
stay home to attend to the many chores of looking after their
younger siblings, collecting firewood or working in the fields. The
timings are flexible to suit their needs.

In the process of their learning, they start with using all the left-over
scraps of fabric and make large patch-work pieces which are then
used to teach them to make different products, primarily clothes.

Once they have learnt enough to make products which can sell,
they start earning a stipend.

We also hope that with some amount of training and with a
micro-financing project to buy them personal sewing machines,
we can encourage them to make their '
Gudari' a commercially
viable project so that in the near future, they can use the income
from it to help fund the running cost of the
health centre. A 'Gudari'
is a patchwork quilt made with layers of old fabrics and stitched
down with running stitches. They have  been making it for years for
personal use, but to make it a income generating venture, they will
need design input, time planning and a market, in India or abroad.
We propose to make the Satya-jyoti Training Centre the hub of this
Gudari...the local patchwork quilt