We seek to make them stronger...from within.

We seek to help them be more self-confident
by making them aware of their worth.

We seek to create a place which makes them
feel secure.

We seek to enable them to focus on their
never forgetting the past but using it as a tool
build a firm foundation for the future

We seek to understand them and give them
They are the survivors who have been through immense trauma and have had to leave their
homes and villages.

These women represent many in India who suffer various forms of deprivation early in life but
are the fortunate few who find refuge and support through the efforts of dedicated women
lawyers, activists and psychologists. Kavita Srivastav from Jaipur is one of them.

Satya-jyoti provides them with secure housing and all the
basic resources that are available....
food, medical facilities, clothing, entertainment, education.
However, they are encouraged to work to earn their own
income and spend or save according to their needs.

Each individual is given sole responsibility of a specific
project and is guided to make it a venture which can
generate income for the community.

The community kitchen is where they eat their meals.

They can choose the work that best suits their
temperament but are encouraged to participate
and learn those tasks as well which they may find difficult
and challenging. The responsibilities include sewing,
working outdoor in the fields, cooking, bee-keeping,
making preserves and pickles, teaching...

Yoga, outdoor games, community singing and dancing,
studies, watching an occasional movie, a day tour to the
city are the other activities. Every festival and all birthdays
are celebrated with equal enthusiasm, with friends of
satya-jyoti who help to make them memorable.

The spirit of sharing, learning from and teaching each
other are specially encouraged.
We have often been asked...where do they go from here?
Honestly, we don't know. We are only preparing them to be completely equipped in every way the
next time they find themselves alone.
A shoulder to lean on and then find one's own feet...
BY MARCH 2014, all the women have
moved on with their lives...
We can only hope that they are happy and
settled wherever they are now.
We have also temporarily shut down the
sewing centre.
The last to leave are Bhanwar, Manju and
their two daughters. They have gone back
to Bikaner, their original home town,
to manage a garment unit for another