The M.R.Morarka-GDC Rural Research
Foundation is an organization actively
involved with converting large areas of
conventional farmland in Rajasthan into
organic farms. Our association with them
started with inputs related to
vermiculture technology and since then
they have given us invaluable advice
regarding crops and trees specific to
Rajasthan and organic practices.As a
result of their efforts, we now have a
platform where organic farmers of
Rajasthan can meet and exchange seeds
and ideas.
Subita(3rd from left), an employee of
the Morarka Foundation, with colleagues
during the Shekhawati festival.
Exchanging notes on
seed preservation.
The semi-arid climate and soil quality
are much the same in the rest of
Rajasthan as on the satya-jyoti farm.
Visiting the some of the organic farmers of Nawalgarh