We are constantly looking for people who care for others...
We are trying to reach out to those who have anything to
offer as a mentor to the young women who are residents
at satya-jyoti or to the village girls or to the village women
with respect to health and hygiene, or to build their

A mentor should be a resident for a minimum period of
one year. You could be a mentor to only one individual if
necessary or to the entire group.
Apart from boarding and lodging, we will provide a
monthly allowance.
It helps to speak the local language which is Hindi but if
you are a person who can give an abundance of love,
then language is not a barrier.
The role of a mentor is to guide the individual in every
possible respect, psychologically, socially, spiritually. You
can teach them to read & write, build their self-esteem,
have a positive outlook and just be a happy,
self-confident person.

If you are such a person and believe you have what it
takes to be a mentor, and also have the time and ability to
commit yourself, then please write to us.
BY MARCH 2014, all the women have
moved on with their lives...
We can only hope that they are happy
and settled wherever they are now.
We have also temporarily shut down the
sewing centre.
The last to leave are Bhanwar, Manju
and their two daughters. They have
gone back to Bikaner, their original
home town,
to manage a garment unit for another