Krac-a-dawna is a certified organic farm near
    Mysore in India.

    Surrounded by lush green hills and a
    perennial river, Vivek, his wife Juli and their
    three children Azad, Suku and Kabir are truly
    nurtured by the Mother Earth and they
    reciprocate the sentiment with a fierce loyalty.
    They now derive their entire sustenance
    from the farm and have little need to go into
    the nearest town which is a good 30km away.

    KRAC-A-DAWNA is an evolving farm that
    searches long and hard for practical
    solutions to daily problems. From home-
    schooling to manure-teas and bio-gas, their
    lesson has been to re-learn how to believe in
    instincts and defy a modern developmental
    process that relies too heavily on mass
    production and a rigid definition  of
    “civilization”. Self-reliance figures in all their
    thinking processes to be enabling; they take
    their stand without fear or shame, both in
    private and in public, on issues from GM
    seeds to alternative markets, from child
    education to small- farm organic certification.

    Inspired by Krac-a-dawna, Satya-jyoti came to
    exist. Many a lesson has been learnt from
    Vivek and Juli’s experiences and the
    exchange of ideas, products and concepts is
    a continuous process…