In our effort to bring education to the children of the neighbouring village
who have never been to a school and to the young women residents of
the commune, we were initially supported by the NGO Pratham. After their
research, the Pratham team found that most of the girls and also some of
the boys, do not have basic reading and writing abilities. While the girls
spend their time collecting fodder, harvesting, collecting firewood or just
looking after their younger siblings, the boys have mostly chosen to drop
out of school as they felt that the schools had nothing to offer.

Beena from Pratham, spent three months at satya-jyoti with the first
group of girls from the village. With their method of teaching, the girls
learnt to read and write in hindi during those three months.

Subsequently, Sumi came to stay for some months. Not only did she
contribute to the learning process, she provided invaluable guidance to
the older girls on the farm.

Although we have constructed a school room and have all the study
material, we have not yet found an individual who is willing to stay on the
farm and teach for the love of shaping young lives. We do not intend to
create a formal school which will give a degree at the end, but an informal
learning environment, which can help the children to read and write and
imbibe an  awareness by experience.

As a part of this learning process, we have taken them on day trips to the
city which has been more enriching than any class-room study can be.

We are currently trying to revive the non-functional Government primary
school by monitoring the activities and movements of the teachers,
making sure that children attend school regularly and are given their
regular mid-day meals, that the school correctly utilises the resources
that it is entitled to and that the village education committee starts
functioning once again. We are being provided with all help and support
by the government officials in our effort. However, we now need to bring
in some qualified teachers who could provide the additional help that is
required considering the number of children who need education.
A day trip to Delhi
Classes at SATYA-JYOTI
The Satya-jyoti team in
conversation with the
government teacher
Anita, who teaches the girls
at Satya-jyoti every day.
The primary school at village Gandwa