In our efforts, we are constantly guided by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo
The work being done at Satya-jyoti is The Mother’s Work,
With the objective of bringing down a higher consciousness
amongst us who live and work here,in order to transform
mind, life and body.
Satya-jyoti strives to provide the place, the opportunity and the atmosphere for living
in harmony with one’s own self, with others and with nature.
The needs (health, income generation, education) are there like in any other situation.
Satya-jyoti is a channel, which provides a platform for a continuous experiment in the
growth of Consciousness.
Essential HABITS which have to be inculcated by the residents.
· Exercise and physical fitness
· Personal Hygiene and cleanliness
· Respect for all objects, animate and inanimate
· Respect for nature
· No wastage
· Well organized and clean work areas
· Discipline
· Punctuality
· Responsibility and accountability
· Integrity
· Aesthetic awareness
· Co-operation and sharing
· Standing up for what one believes in
· Abstain from unnecessary talk.
“No material organization, whatever its degree of preparation, is capable of bringing a solution to the miseries of
man. Man must rise to a higher lever of consciousness and get rid of his ignorance, limitation and selfishness in
order to get rid also of his sufferings.”  
Pg110, Rays of light, sayings of The Mother ,Shri Aurobindo Ashram.
We encourage a spirit of collaboration and sharing
with other like minded people and organizations.
We learn how not to be discouraged in face of
adversity but to consider it a positive input. We
realize the value of money but do not let that
control us. We focus on our inner growth rather
than the outer