The road to the farm
is partly non-existent,
at least the last 500
mts. But as the dusty
track winds through a
sleepy village, the low
hills, the small mud
and cow-dung huts,
one can breathe clean
air and experience
nature at its best.
As one approaches the farm, there is a huge perennial lake on the left which keeps the water table of
that area fairly high.
A panoramic view of the terrain from the low Aravali hills which form a natural back-drop behind the farm.
The Elephant grass,native to
this area,is a visual treat in the
months of October and
Winter …                           Spring/summer….              Monsoon….                Spring....
The seasons on the farm...

Some of our crops…mustard, wheat, cotton, pulses, basil.
We grow seasonal vegetables all year round, enough for
consumption on the farm.A healthy broth with Bran and vegetables
is a staple meal.
Green covers in specific garden areas provide relief in the heat and dust of
summer months. The farm is now a bird haven.
The two main fruit orchards that we have are of Indian Gooseberry (Aamla) and Lemon.Other fruit
trees include, Mangoes, Custard Apples, Chiku, Guava, Peach, Berries.
The living quarters are basic and simple, made of local material - stone & exposed
The flowers… Flowering shrubs, trees, grasses come into full bloom according to its own season. Some
are natives, some introduced from other countries. Special months are from November to April, when the
mustard fields add to the colour and the bees get busy.
come, join us on a walk through the farm